A private dinner in the Dubai desert with Arabian Adventures

March 14, 2018

Spending an evening in the desert is something that many people have not done or considered when visiting the sophisticated city of Dubai. Arabian Adventures will create a memorable experience for you and show you what Dubai once was.

Your tour starts once your Arabian Adventure guide has conveniently collected you from your hotel. Our guide, Faisal, told us about every single sight on our way to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve. This was already a tour by itself and we were happy to learn about Dubai and its history as well as the plans for the city.

Once we arrived in the reserve, we got taken to a Falcon show where we were offered something to drink and gathered with all the other guests to enjoy a short show and see this bird of prey in action.

One of the most exciting parts and what we were looking forward to doing was the 4×4 part of our tour. Our convoy made their way through the desert where we went up and down and drifted along the ridge of the dunes. All Arabian Adventure guides are certified off-road drivers so there should not be anything to worry about.

As we were on a private tour, we then separated from the other guests and drove further into the desert. Along our way, we spotted a few wildlife such as a falcon and various antelope and as we were by ourselves, we had the time to stop and watch them.

Somewhere along our drive, we stopped by a man with a camel who was waiting for us. He took us on a ride with the camel while we watched the sun go down and took in our surroundings. We rode the camel all the way to a single tent in the middle of the desert. The tent was surrounded by flame torches with a dinner table in the center.  Our romantic dinner for the evening consisted of a three-course meal of Arabic foods that we enjoyed along with the silence of the night while being surrounded by red sand dunes. Our starters were delicious and consisted of cheese and pesto flatbreads and vegetable balls, while our mains consisted of various items from the grill along with what felt like an endless amount of side dishes. From pasta salad to hummus, tabbouleh, flatbread and more. Our evening ended with a delicious cake made of dates and a basket of various fruits.

As the day of adrenalin came to an end with our stomach’s full and our sense of adventure satisfied, we were driven back to our hotel.

If you are looking for things to do in Dubai, I could not recommend Arabian Adventures enough. We had a great time and it was really special to see a different side to Dubai with a unique experience such as a private dinner in the middle of the desert.

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