An adventure with Ngong Ping 360

March 16, 2018

Your Ngong Ping 360 adventure starts with a 25-minute scenic cable car ride from Tung Chung Terminal to the Ngong Ping Plateau. Your first view is of the Hong Kong International Airport where you will see planes take off and land. The ride continues over the beautiful Tung Chung Bay. This part of the ride is especially thrilling if you’re in the Crystal Cabin where you can see the water through a glass floor. You will also pass by the Lantau North Country Park with the occasional hikers and abundance of nature that surrounds you. Near the end of your journey you will be able to see the incredible Big Buddha in the distance and your destination; Ngong Ping Village.

Ngong Ping Village is a traditional Chinese cultural themed village which you would walk through the moment you get off the cable car at the Ngong Ping Cable Car Terminal. It is conveniently located right next to Lantau’s Po Lin Monastery and the magnificent Tian Tan Buddha which creates a full day of sights to discover.

The village offers visitors various attractions and eateries. Motion 360 allows visitors to experience a 5D movie where you will experience a range of movements in your chair and different sights. I highly recommend starting with the “Discover Lantau” movie as this will show you all that there is to discover on the island. Visitors are then able to watch an action-packed performance by professional stuntmen at Stage 360. A virtual reality experience can be taken part in at VR 360. My favourite attraction is Walking with Buddha which showcases the life of Siddhartha Gautama where visitors will watch a short movie and thereafter, walk to a lit-up Buddha with a ceiling full of hanging lights and make a wish.

The village has a wide range of food options such as noodles, dim sum, seafood, egg waffles, and some sweet gelato.

For gifts and souvenirs, a variety of stores are available, selling everything from keyrings to jackets, cameras and small Buddhas.

Once you have spent time in Ngong Ping Village, take a walk towards the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery. The monastery is a beautiful set of buildings filled with colour and small details. Visitors need to ensure that they are being respectful of others and those who are visiting for religious reasons. Thereafter, take a walk up the 268 steps to Tian Tan Buddha. The sight is amazing to see as well as the 360-degree view from the top.

If you have more time, visit the Tai O Fishing Village, Wisdom Path and try spotting the Chinese White Dolphins of which there are very few in the world.

If you’re looking for an exciting day out or are interested in cultural and religious sights then visiting Lantau Island with Ngong Ping 360 is the perfect attraction for you. The Tung Chung Terminal is easily accessible by Hong Kong’s MTR line which gives you no excuse not to visit.

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