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The Grand Prismatic Spring from above

The best of Yellowstone National Park

November 20, 2018

Yellowstone was the world’s first national park and has an extremely rich history with incredible geology. It currently extends over three American states and is one of the most spectacular parks you could visit. It is also the only place in the USA where bison have lived continuously since...

Sunrise in Grand Teton National Park

The best of Grand Teton National Park

October 24, 2018

Recently I have come home from a road trip through the states where I was fortunate enough to visit the spectacular Grand Teton National Park. The park consists of amazing jagged peaks with deep canyons and even rocks which are 2.7 billion years old. What I found to be...

The best of Seattle

October 10, 2018

On the West Coast of America, you’ll find the beautiful seaport city of Seattle with plenty of sights to keep visitors busy and enjoying the top views of the city. Below is a list of all the things to do on your next visit to Seattle. Space Needle –...

The best things to do in Las Vegas

April 2, 2017

Step onto the Strip and take a walk in any direction. On the one side you could have an erupting volcano and Venetian gondolas, or you could find a big, colourful M&M store in the opposite direction. Perhaps you prefer to splurge at the Forum Shops, either way; the...