Escape to Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

August 31, 2017

This 5-star eco-reserve offers guests a complete escape from the regular world to a place of spectacular natural surroundings, unforgettable culinary delights, and pure relaxation.

Grootbos protects 2,500 hectares of unspoiled wilderness which can be discovered through a 4×4 botanical tour where guides are eager to share their knowledge with you through sight and smell.

The nature reserve can also be explored on horseback while you take in the magnificent views of the mountains and calm waters of Walker Bay.

The team at Grootbos pulls out all the stops during your stay and it is no different when the food comes around. Be prepared to be blown away by the flavour-filled works of art that are put in front of you. Each dish is meticulously prepared and made with the freshest ingredients that are mostly grown on the reserve.

The best part about this lodge is all the work that they do through the Grootbos Foundation. The foundation has various projects from recycling candles to clearing alien vegetation and teaching skills through their outreach programmes. My favourite project is the work they do through the Siyakhula Organic Farm. The farm sells all their produce to the lodge and the income that is generated from the sale is used for other foundation projects.  You can rest easy knowing your stay at Grootbos leaves a positive impact behind.

What could be better than immersing yourself in this truly exquisite lodge where luxury is combined with conservation and tranquillity.

For more information about Grootbos, visit their website here.