The best of Grand Teton National Park

October 24, 2018

Recently I have come home from a road trip through the states where I was fortunate enough to visit the spectacular Grand Teton National Park. The park consists of amazing jagged peaks with deep canyons and even rocks which are 2.7 billion years old. What I found to be particularly special is that there was not a single part of the park I visited that wasn’t breathtakingly scenic, and better yet, most of these sights can be seen directly from the parking lot or the side of the road. Don’t worry, those who would like to spend more time in the outdoors have plenty of trails to choose from to take you in the dense vegetation or up the mountains.  Below is a list of my favourite spots you should not miss when visiting Grand Teton National Park.

Oxbow Bend Turnout – This viewpoint is a must-see at sunrise as the mountain peaks turn pink and reflect in the river below. Be aware that there will be tons of photographers and tourists but it is definitely worth it.

Snake River Overlook – The viewpoint is from the parking lot and as the name suggests, it overlooks the winding Snake River with trees all around and the mountains in the background. Sunset is a great time to visit but be there early to get your ideal spot.

Schwabacher Landing – This spot is spectacular in autumn when the mountains and the yellow trees reflect in the water. Keep an eye out for animals such as racoons or ducks playing in the water or head out on a trail walk.

Antelope Flats Road – Many tourists stop here to photograph the barns at sunrise but it is actually a much better place to spot herds of Bison or the occasional antelope in the open fields.

North Jenny Lake – Jenny Lake can be found at the base of the Teton’s and is where visitors can walk along an elevated dirt path around the tranquil lake. It’s a great place to see mountain reflections in the water and various colours at the shore.

Signal Mountain Road – Head up Signal Mountain Road to the first parking lot where a trail leads you to a view over the valley as well as a beautiful view over Jackson Lake and the islands below. Once you’re finished, drive to the second parking lot where there’s a deck which overlooks the Snake River and more of the vast valley. This site is particularly great as you have a high vantage point and unique perspective over the park. Those who would like to hike can do the trail here instead.

Grand Teton National Park is also home to a variety of wildlife such as moose, fox, bison, elk and bears which can be spotted deep in the forest or even roaming on the roadside. This is just another reason not to miss out on this park the next time you visited the United States.